Professional Unit Lifecycle System

PULS Modules

  • Customer
  • Units (TK and others)
  • Employee Info
  • Training History
  • Service Directory
  • Campaigns
  • Work Order
  • Contract Maintenance
  • Inventory, Parts/Units
  • Unit Quotation/Order
  • Unit PO to TK
  • Deals Pending
  • Selected Mailing
  • Workshop Utilization
  • Vehicle & Body Data
  • R:COM Database
  • + more modules
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Dealer Management System

  • Joint development by Dealer technicians, workshop foremen and sales people since 1995
  • Stand alone package interfacing with existing Dealer financial system Multi lingual
  • Network, Mobile and Internet based system

PULS Server <> Financial System

  • Updates Customers w Info and Credit Information
  • Updates Parts Inventory and Prices
  • Updates Workorders with Invoice Information
  • Sends Invoice tasks to Financial System continuous
  • PULS communicates with all Financial System that can be accessed by an ODBC connection or flat file lay out